Health & Supplemental Insurance for a Healthier America.


Let our insurance agency, HealthyAmerica help you with your traditional health and supplemental insurance needs whether you offer accident, life and health insurance or are looking to get great health insurance like ACA (Obamacare), Medicare supplements, short term major medical, or supplemental plans that help gap health plan deductibles, out of pocket maximums and out of network costs for accidents, critical illness, emergency room visits, and more.

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Health Insurance for a Healthier America

Partner with HealthyAmerica.

HealthyAmerica is looking for accident, life & health insurance agents to offer our products including HealthyAmerica's exclusive access to United Business Association (UBA) Memberships and optional UBA Gap Products which includes supplemental group association insurance like accident, critical illness, term life, emergency room & urgent care visits, labs, x-rays & doc visits and dental & vision. As a HealthyAmerica agent, you also have access to our exclusive stand-alone Benefit Boost family of monthly subscription products: Benefit Boost & Virtual PCP Solution.

We offer a competitive compensation package as well as an agent support system. HealthyAmerica offers the technology to make selling with us convenient and simple giving you more time to concentrate on generating more sales. HealthyAmerica's technology expert understands what is important to an insurance agent in the sales and enrollment process and has designed it to be simple to use for not only agents but also consumers. Each agent will receive a unique agent enrollment link to enroll new members in UBA Memberships, UBA Gap Supplemental Products and the Benefit Boost Subscription products making signing up new clients fast and simple. Find out more about what HealthyAmerica has to offer you. Contact Us for more info!


Get Great Health Insurance.

HealthyAmerica offers traditional insurance like ACA or as many know it, Obamacare as well as other types of insurance like Medicare Supplements, Short Term Medical Insurance (where available) and Supplemental Insurance like accident, critical illness, term life, emergency room visits, dental and vision insurance and more. HealthyAmerica has designed two new monthly membership subscription services, Benefit Boost and Virtual PCP Solution that provide services you can actually use like MeMD's Virtual Primary Care, MeMD's Virtual Urgent Care Visits & Talk Therapy, Free Gummy Multi-Vitamins, Prescription and Pet Prescription Discount Card, Dental Discounts with the Aetna Dental Access® Network, and Identity theft discounts with LifeLock.

Through our partners at AXSHealth Insurance Agency, a licensed, fully-certified representative helps you navigate the healthcare marketplace to make sure you are getting the plan you are looking for. AXS's representatives are full-time salaried employees who are knowledgeable, competent and are ready to assist you. They help provide you hassle-free insurance advise and help you find the right plan to suit your specific needs without spending more than necessary to meet those goals. Contact an AXSHealth representative today for a Quote or to discuss your insurance options.


Why HealthyAmerica?

Over 20 years ago, our current management team started a health insurance agency built on a singular principle...treat our members and agents like family. We only offer health plans that we would feel comfortable offering our own family. We are proud to say that over these last 20 years we have provided quality health insurance for thousands of new members and their families. At HealthyAmerica only the best will do!

HealthyAmerica takes pride in our relationships with our agent partners and members and works hard to improve the user experience in today's technological world. We have created a simple and efficient enrollment platform for both ACA, UBA and Benefit Boost Subscriptions. For members of UBA, Benefit Boost & Virtual PCP Solution we have created a useful tool, the Member Portal, to make it simple for the member to know exactly what they have purchased as well as access to digital ID cards, Certificates of Insurance, Member Guides, Claim Forms and How to Use the Membership Services.

HealthyAmerica strives to live up to our reputation of being an honest organization and we have been recognized for the past 5 years as one of the Top 100 Best Private Companies from the Fort Worth Business Press.

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Are you Already Contracted with HealthyAmerica?

We support our current agent representatives with access to our Agent Portal where you can locate access to your back office, training and product overview with state availability, important forms and more. HealthyAmerica works to provide you the tools for success. For direct and personal agent support, contact Rachelle Graham at 800-964-8331 ext. 202 or She is available to assist our agents and help with product knowledge, enrollment, information regarding plan or procedures updates, training, licensing and more.

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As an agent with HealthyAmerica, you have access to offer your clients these highly regarded Benefit Boost family of products. Even if you are already enrolling your clients in accident and other supplemental insurance with another carrier or agency, you can still contract with HealthyAmerica to market these two non-insurance monthly subscription products that offer your clients valued services that members actually use like MeMD's® Virtual Primary Care, Virtual Urgent Care & Talk Therapy, Free Vitamins, Dental Discounts with Aetna Dental Access® Network, Prescription and Pet Prescription Discount card, and Identity Theft discounts with LifeLock®. Both products in the Benefit Boost family of products: Benefit Boost Subscription & Virtual PCP Solution Subscription are available in all 50 states. Call Us for to sign up to start offering these products today. Add value to your portfolio with these Benefit Boost family of products. Getting signed up is quick and simple and you can start offering these plans to your potential clients right away.

If you are a prospective client interested in these subscription products below, Contact Us and we will be happy to help you get signed up. You can also click on the Get Quote and Apply Now buttons below in the Benefit Boost & Virtual PCP Solution product descriptions to sign up online on your own.

Benefit Boost - Non-Insurance


Non-Insurance Monthly Membership Subscription Product

The Benefit Boost Subscription offers valuable non-insurance services for members looking for a strategy to boost their overall health. The Benefit Boost membership offers valued services for those looking to seek immediate medical visits or talk therapy when you are sick or feeling down. This highly regarded service offers $0 Cost* Virtual Urgent Care & Talk Therapy Visits with MeMD® to our Benefit Boost members (visits are paid by HealthyAmerica and not by you). Members can easily access MeMD® from their smartphone, ipad, android tablet or computer using the app or a link. The set-up takes less than 5 minutes and once members use it, they often use it again because of the quick response time and because it works so well! Benefit Boost services also include a Retail Prescription and Pet Prescription Discount ID card from ParamountRX for those looking to save on prescription medications. With this ID card, you can look up your prescription medication with ParamountRX's webtool that creates a list of participating pharmacies in your area along with the cost of the drug (with the applicable discount). For members opting for a healthy lifestyle, members enjoy Free gummy multi-vitamins that they can order from the Member Portal, on our website under the Members link or by emailing us. Each bottle contains 180 vitamins which equates to a 3 month supply. A new addition to Benefit Boost is to provide our members savings on dental services with discounts using the Aetna Dental Access® Network. Members receive discount savings on dental cleanings, fillings, x-rays, root canals and crowns. Our last Benefit Boost service helps with protection against identity theft with discounts with LifeLock®. Call Us for more information or to enroll in the non-insurance Benefit Boost Subscription either as a stand-alone product or included as a part of some of the UBA Gap Products.


*Visits are paid by Healthy America and not by you.

Virtual PCP Solution with MeMD - Non-Insurance


Non-Insurance Monthly Membership Subscription Product

The Virtual PCP Solution Subscription with MeMD® offers valuable non-insurance services to help members save money on routine healthcare costs. Members can enjoy virtual primary care benefits all year for about the cost of one routine in-person visit along with virtual urgent care visits & talk therapy, lab work & imaging, ongoing chronic care management, and continuity of care. Also included with the Virtual PCP Solution with MeMD is a prescription discount card to help save with retail prescription discounts through Paramount RX. With this ID card, you can look up your prescription medication with ParamountRX's webtool that creates a list of participating pharmacies in your area along with the cost of the drug (with the applicable discount). Call Us for more information or to enroll in the non-insurance Virtual PCP Solution with MeMD as a stand-alone membership.