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HealthyAmerica is looking for accident, life and health insurance producers to offer our products including HealthyAmerica's exclusive United Business Association (UBA) Membership, UBA Gap Membership Products which include supplemental group association insurance as well as Healthy America Association (HAA) Membership (and coming soon HAA supplemental membership products). We offer a competitive compensation package including advances as well as an agent support system to help you become successful. Call to learn more about how to get contracted and to find out more about our compensation package.

Why Pick HealthyAmerica as a sales opportunity? HealthyAmerica values our producers and gives you the tools to become productive and successful. These tools include: Marketing Materials, Training, Technology (including unique Application links and Agent Back-office Portal), competitive referral compensation and support. Offering products through HealthyAmerica is simple! We are there for you!

Rachelle Graham - Business Development

Rachelle Graham

Business Development, HealthyAmerica


Below, you can download the contract, send back the contract securely, inquire about the referral compensation package and learn more about what we have to offer when you partner with HealthyAmerica. We are obsessed with providing the highest quality experience for our members and our agents and we have the highest expectation of the partners that represent us. Would you rather talk to a live person about contracting & comp? Call Us and we will help you get signed up to start selling products with HealthyAmerica ASAP. We want to make the contracting process as painless and quick as possible for our new producer partners. With very little paperwork to fill out, we can help get you started selling in no time!

HealthyAmerica Contracts


Pick HealthyAmerica to offer Short Term Medical Insurance & Supplemental Insurance products like: Accident, ER & Urgent Care, Critical Illness, Dental and Vision Insurance. Not only do we offer Producer contracts but we also offer Agency & One-check Agency contracts with competitive top referral compensation.

HealthyAmerica Commissions


HealthyAmerica offers Advance Referral Compensation Contracts (paid weekly - 6 month advance) or As-Earned Referral Compensation Contracts (paid monthly - end of month). Want to learn more about what we offer, contact us at 800.964.8331 ext. 202 and we can discuss the opportunity that fits your sales model. We also offer Individual Producer Contracts, Agency Contracts, and One-Check Agency Contracts. We want you to partner with HealthyAmerica!

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HealthyAmerica Technology


We are on the cutting-edge of technology with our own proprietary enrollment app for both UBA and HAA memberships along with additional supplemental products. Our Agent Portal helps agent locate all the information they need to sell UBA or HAA Products, access the link to review your book of business and download new business and renewal statements on eagentcenter, watch training videos, and more. Offering products through HealthyAmerica is simple and we will continue to strive to add more innovative tools to help you be successful!

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Healthy America Agent Support


We offer our producers the support they need. Have questions? Need help figuring out something? We are here to answer your questions & support you in your sales process. HealthyAmerica keeps our producers and agencies informed of updates through email news updates. We don't bombard your emails with junk mail, we only send out notices when we have new or revised related items to selling with HealthyAmerica along with our monthly update. With our Agent Training Portal, you will be able to also access training course and training videos to be viewed on your own schedule.

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Healthy America Products


HealthyAmerica is the exclusive marketer of the United Business Association (UBA) Membership and Healthy America Association (HAA) Membership Plans. UBA's products are a great fit for when you are selling high-deductible ACA plans, Short Term Medical Plans, & Faith Based Plans. We have a variety of product designs that include Accident, Critical Illness, Term Life, Emergency Room Visits, Urgent Care Visits, Wellness Visits, Dental & Vision. With HAA, you have access to high-quality benefits and services for members looking to join a health-minded association. We also offer other competitive contracts for UnitedHealthcare (Short Term Medical and Supplemental Products), ACA through United Healthcare, Molina, Ambetter, Oscar, and Bright & Medicare Supplements through Mutual of Omaha.

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Below, hear from some of our current top producers and producing agencies that work for HealthyAmerica. Many have partnered with HealthyAmerica for many years and have found success in selling the products HA represents. Want to get contracted or to learn more? Call Us and we will help you get signed up to start selling products with HealthyAmerica ASAP. We hope that you are as successful as many of our current producers in marketing our products.

Pacific Benefits Group NW has offered memberships and plans through the United Business Association to our customers for many years. Our customers appreciate the value and level of protection they provide to our clients, not only in the UBA Base Membership, but also in the wide array of accident, critical illness, AD&D, life insurance, and other benefits included in their plans. The HealthyAmerica team has worked closely with us in servicing our clients and has been a great partner.

John Klemin, Vice-President of Operations

Pacific Benefits Group NW / Fortegra Personal Insurance Agency
HealthyAmerica has been an important part of our portfolio. A perfect complement to any medical policy. No other company has a better priced, more comprehensive plan. Period.

Our customers have been amazed by the layers of benefits and have kept their policies for years. Very easy to explain and enroll. Claims and support are always handled quickly and professionally. I'm proud to represent HealthyAmerica and look forward to another great year!

Derrick Jenkins - President

First Mutual Insurance Group, Inc.
Apollo was introduced to HealthyAmerica in 2016. As an agency the first thing we evaluated was the product. For us the products were an absolute missing piece in our overall solution for our clients. The products have stood the test of time. They deliver necessary benefits which provide a sense of calm for consumers. We have assisted many clients through the claims process which has been straight forward and never disappointing. Personally, I am a client as well.

Our choice to personally use the products and recommend them to clients would not have been possible without the people at HealthyAmerica who provide the face and personality to the business and their products. We are incredibly thankful for the partnership we have with HealthyAmerica and look forward to many more rewarding years working together.

Scott Eckley, President

Apollo Insurance Group
I've been in the Insurance industry for almost 32 years and have never seen a more impressive as well as comprehensive portfolio of supplemental protection packages than what UBA and HealthyAmerica offers.

I myself have had a Gap Max plan for several years and my family and I have used the telemedicine program many times which is included with the membership plan. The experience was amazing, very professional and worked impeccably.

All plans are well thought out and definitely have the consumers best interest at hand. My customers have utilized both the Accident as well as the Critical Illness features of the plans. They are very pleased with the claims and customer service process. Thanks for making all aspects of your products streamlined and easy!

Curt Spelzhaus - Managing Partner

First Mutual Insurance Group, Inc.
I have been associated with UBA / HealthyAmerica for over 20 years in sales and recruiting. They have always treated the agents well and I still get paid on business that was sold over 15-20 years ago. Also, most of the staff and owners are the same, which says a lot. They are not in the business to cheat the agents out of their renewals.

Mac Glazier

Managing General Agent